If you want to transform deeper, long-held patterns and create lasting changes, we need to do deeper, longer term work. 


It takes 40-days to release a negative pattern and 90-days to shift into a new, positive one, working with me through a series of integrated healing and coaching sessions will help you go from:


  • Self loathing and sabotage to having true and complete self-love, acceptance, confidence, worth, value and empowerment.
  • Blame and negative communication cycles to speaking your desires openly, and being able to communicate clearly and listen deeply.
  • Questioning your intuition to learning how to hear, trust and follow your  inner guidance.
  • Neglecting your boundaries to asserting yourself so people honor and respect you.
  • Unbalanced, toxic and disempowering relationships to loving, supportive and uplifting ones.
  • Constant fear and anxiety to total trust, faith and peace.


This is a 2-3-month coaching package designed to give you the tools to start making some powerful changes in your life. I work with individuals and couples, who want to impliment these techniques and skills into their relationshps. 



The Package includes:

  • Pre-session detailed questionnaire to get you clear on what you are looking for and how best we can work together
  • Six x 1 hour phone, Zoom or Skype calls over a 2 - 3 month period
  • After each session you will be provided with a written account of what was discussed via a follow up email which you can print out and keep as part of your coaching journey to plot your progress. This will be a valuable record of your change and evolution. The record will also provide further info on the techniques we discuss and give you exercises to promote your development
  • Unlimited free email access to me between sessions to discuss progress or deal with urgent questions
  • A range of highly effective tools and techniques designed by me to use straight away 

Coaching Package:: Conscious Communication


    To book a session, please add to cart and check out in the normal way, making sure to leave your contact details in the Notes Section.


    I will be in touch within 24 hours of receipt of your order to arrange a mutually convenient time for your appointment and to send you our Pre-session questionnaire. Alternatively, contact me direct to enquire about availability and booking. 


    Please note I reserve the right to charge in full for any appointment cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


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